7 Best Mods for a Better Palworld Gameplay

Breed Pals Faster

With Zouzoulle's Faster Breeding mod, you can set how fast you'd like breeding time to occur, all the way down to a single second if you'd like.

More Carry Weight, Please

Rather than shifting the burden to your Pals, you should pick up Vuxacha's Carry Weight Increase mod.

InhumanityMods' Pal Info mod will give you tons of info about wild Pals.

The More Information, The Better

Take To The Skies And Soar

Vuxacha's Remove Flying Stamina Cost mod.

Nobody Likes Spoiled Food

The forces of entropy are eventually going to spoil your hard-earned food Yakuzadeso's No Food Decay mod is the answer to your prayers.

Less Crafting, More Gathering

Durability tends to be a necessary mechanic for most Survival games go ahead and grab Vuxacha's Infinite Or Increase Durability mod.

Unlock The Entire Map PALWORLD

MapUnlocker by W1ns will completely remove the fog of war from the map.