7 Best Early Game Personas to Secure First in Persona 3 Reload

1. Pale Rider

Pale Rider is the best Persona under level 30 that players can access in Persona 3 Reload. It has high Magic and Strength stats for its level.

2. Jack-o'-Lantern

Players should make an effort to grab this Persona as it has a very high magic stat for its level and access to a wide variety of elemental-type coverage .

3. Rakshasa

Rakshasa is one of the best early-game Physical Attack Personas players can obtain now. Rakshasa can learn good passive moves, like Regenerate, Auto Rebellion, and Counter.

The primary reason for recruiting Jack Frost is its Theurgy attack with Jack-o'-Lantern, an attack type similar to Showtime in Persona 5 Royal .

4. Jack Frost

Lilim is an excellent all-around Persona in terms of stats. Lilim is one of the first Personas to access both Tarukaja and Rakukaja .

5. Lilim

Forneus is the earliest Persona players can access, as it is one of the first to be encountered in Persona 3 Reload. He also offers a Theurgy attack with Decarabia .

6. Forneus

7. Neko Shogun

While its attacks are not particularly strong, Neko Shogun offers something potentially better. This Persona has access to a ton of passive buff moves .