7 best Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen Romance Options

7. Mercedes Martin 

Mercedes, the ruler's daughter, wants to be a knight, even though she got her leadership role in the Enlistment Corps for political reasons.

6. Valmiro 

Valmiro, from Cassardis, is carefree unlike Quina, their childhood friend.

5. Reynard 

Reynard, a wandering merchant, is elusive but worth finding for his goods.

4. Madeline

Madeline is a determined woman who always gets what she wants.

3. Selene 

Selene isn't a witch, but she has a captivating presence.

2. Julien 

Julien is the classic bad boy with impressive combat skills and loyalty issues.

1. Aelinore 

Aelinore, the Duke's wife when you first meet her, appears to be destined to be loved by all.

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