7 Best Collar Skills for Red XIII in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

To get the Silver Collar for Red XIII in the game, players need to ace the "Run Wild" mini-game at Costa del Sol by achieving a high score.

7. Offensive MP Saver (Silver Collar)

6. Weapon Ability Damage +5% (Mythril Collar)

When Red XIII becomes playable in Chapter 2 of the game, he starts with the Mythril Collar as his default weapon.

In Chapter 3 of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, halfway through the Mythril Mine, Red XIII and Barret split from the party for a mini-dungeon.

5. ATB Charge Rate Up (Renegade’s Collar)

After beating the game, players can try a tougher mode where they can't use healing items in battles.

4. Siphon Fang HP Up (Mythril Collar)

3. Enhanced Counterspin (Mythril Collar) 

Red XIII has a move called Counterspin in the game's counter system, which is more intricate and tricky to master.

To enhance Red XIII's combat, players can use the Mythril Collar to boost Counterspin or increase the Vengeance gauge fill rate.

2. Vengeance Gauge Charge Rate Up (Silver Collar)

In the game, players need to keep an eye on various meters like ATB bars, health bars, the Limit Break meter, and for Red XIII, the Vengeance gauge.

1. Enduring Vengeance (Mythril Collar)

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