5 Must-Try GTA 5 Mods for Serious RP in 2024

Despite being a decade old, GTA 5's popularity remains strong, with over 195 million units sold and ongoing robust sales.

1) Trucking Mission

Guadmaz's Trucking Missions mod enables players to buy and operate their own trucking enterprise within Grand Theft Auto 5.

The Mob mod offers a distinctive gameplay experience within a mafia-themed criminal organization.

2) The Mob

3) LS Life

Rockstar Games introduced Stash Houses officially in GTA Online in 2023, primarily for players to rob them. This mod, however, allows...

4) Farming Life Project

Sakis25's Farming Life Project caters to players seeking a tranquil yet engaging role-playing experience within GTA 5.

5) RP

Players can utilize the money earned to acquire properties, vehicles, businesses, and other assets within the game.