5 Best Tekken 8 Mods you need to win everytime

It is very early days for Tekken 8, given it only just debuted in January 2024, and that also means we’re only just starting to see people make mods for the game.

Tifa Lockhart Cosplay for All Female Characters by Peek6

Peek6 created an eye and black stockings mod that people can pair with the high-top sneakers, miniskirt with belt

It’s a good likeness, and the 5.3mb download at Nexus Mods works with in-game makeup as well.

Death by Degrees Makeup for Nina by Misberave

Best Tekken 8 gameplay mods right now

you might not see a lot of things to choose from for a few weeks or maybe even months after launch. 

Enhanced Tekken 8 Visuals by FrancisLoui

This mod makes the game, in general, look better! and people can get the 28KB file from Nexus Mods.

No-Splash Fix by Gametism

This is a pretty obvious one. Don’t like the splash screen? Download and install this 1KB mod from Nexus Mods by Gametism to eliminate it.