4 Top Entry-Level Weapon Loadouts In Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042's Season 6: Dark Creations brought new weapons, vehicles, skins, and maps, boosting player counts on Steam to record levels since its launch.

– M5A3 and SFAR-M GL are great Assault Rifles that can be acquired quite early – The specialists in Assault have entirely different playstyle due to their different gadget – Assault Class has Med-Pen and IBA Armor, extending their fight duration

1. Assault

The Assault class, with specialists like Sundance, Dozer, Mackay, and Zain, is the most played. Sundance's Smart Explosive grenade and Wingsuit make her an excellent starter.

– The Repair Tool allows Tanks to roam around more freely – LCMG and M240B have high magazine size and great destructive power – The Recoilless M5 can help deal with any annoying Aircraft

2. Engineer

– Has access to healing stations and ammo crates for allie – Smoke Grenades allow easier revive – PP-29 and PBX-45 are fast-firing submachine guns that can laser down enemie

3. Support

– The class has the ability to scan and mark targets for themselves and their allie – SWS-10 and the Gol Magnum Sniper with the Bipod and good attachments can be versatile option

4. Recon

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